About Me

As you may have noticed, I had taken leave for more than 2 years from sharing my life with you guys.

My apologies.

Many events took place, mostly unplanned that dislodged me a bit. However, I am plucking up the courage to pen down in order to share. I hope to return shortly, please stand by me.


2008 to 2013

Lenscape of My Mind


Let me take you through, NOW, my current thoughts and dreams about to transform into reality!


Waking up, midlife and nakedly short of a masterpiece to leave behind as my trails and footprints. Yeah, I can continue to reflect about moments that were gone…..but had I captured “the moment” ?

What do I aspire?

Uncharted terrains?

An abandoned canvas

Forgotten talents. Forgotten strengths. Forgotten courage. Forgotten dreams.


I am going to generously splash paints and colours I feared for all the wrong reasons. Taking every right door and not detour. Facing every uncertainties with determination. Making every stroke of my brush necessary.

Affirming every pastels and palettes.

Landscapes of My Mind, is about the evolving journeys of my current life….embracing life to what I can make it to be!


A Masterpiece!

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