gaining new sight

April 28th, 2009 § 0 comments

mom through a corneal transplant

Alright, no matter how tough or strong you are…..when facing an operating theater,
one suddenly gets the jitters. My mom was no exception.


Confronting the positive prospect of regaining her sight on the right eye, another
evil likelihood surfaced…..what if she never come out of the anesthesia?

Talking about stress, you wouldn’t believe the places she stashed her money!
She was like talking to Rockwill’s agent when instructing me how much to bequest
to her beloveds.

high bp

Her blood pressure shot up that morning. So obvious….and the nurse was like telling her off. I had to remind her that my mom was entitled to be a little anxious
about being cut.

After 2 hours

i wanna sleep by you.

She was a stubborn, obstinate tiger before, and came out a very drowsy
and passive kitten after the transplant. I like her better now.

Mom is recovering well. So sorry that I don’t have a pic of her in a much
jovial mood. She is doing fine and we are so blessed.


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