cry not

April 1st, 2009 § 0 comments

A soft knock on my bedroom door.
” Joanne mommy, can I sleep with you tonight?”

tired by you.

Angie all tired out after school..7.30pm

I have never been on the afternoon session, maybe my time
there weren’t too many students. Maybe, this is only apparent
in the Chinese medium schools.

tired 4

I had wanted to pity her.
I cannot. I think she is just so lucky to be going through all these pain.

Cry not!

At least, she is not an orphan.
She is the only kid from 2 adults who are done with each other, but
Angie is not done with the rest of us.

She has got my mom to fuss over her diet and cleanliness.
She has the maid to help her with shoes, uniforms and bag.
She has my dad to crack open the half boiled eggs every morning.
She has Edward to pat her little dearie to slumberland.
She has moi, yours truly to cuddle on my extra king sized bed.
She has Adrienne to play elder sis.

I think Angie has a swell life!

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