What Exactly is LOVE?

April 29th, 2009 § 0 comments


i have these special trips i take with 5 ko.

usually, chengsim will text me if it was convenient for
me to drop off her mom back to her old house….
little housekeeping chores
or perhaps
participating in a community party or stuff

we don’t stay quiet or polite
usually we share and discuss about
life evolving loved ones
so much to chat about

until that morning
5 ko suddenly asked me
” what is love?”

but isn’t it what we have been embracing all these while?

if 5 ko at 75 cannot define love
i am not going to pretend i know better

we decided that it is immaterial definition
but absolute contention

we parted as usual when the car approached that familiar house

she winked….yes
she winked at me before alighting

and said,…
” …love matters not to be understood
my dear,┬ájust be happy!”

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