honey & lemon

April 14th, 2009 § 0 comments

invited lots of interest lately.
All because i am now in love.

i get calls, short messages and emails.

Just yesterday morning, a pretty lady
drove into my neighbourhood and
needed to know my state of bliss.

For heaven sakes…..

Hey, i have always been in love.
Perhaps, the game of loving was different.

When you love family members,
you don’t screen, qualify nor choose.
They are there, like it or not…..
pain as they could be
cute or otherwise
don’t we just love them,

People out there.

Loving someone else that’s not family
begins with screening, qualifying and
finally a choice to commit…
to love, to trust and to embrace another.

When you do it long enough,
you start wanting him to be a part of your family.
And if he stole your whole hearted soul……
soon you would have forgotten
and whatnots
and love him like family,

Hey people out there!
i am doing fine and very happy.

In loving, family or otherwise
please don’t pretend
you are gulping honey neat

i’d love a honey and lemon, please…..

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