revisiting grandma

April 12th, 2009 § 0 comments

It is easy for me to remember how long grandma has left us.

I was pregnant with Adrienne then, so grandma has been gone now for like 17 over years.

As in most traditional families, I was not grandma’s favourite. She was truly into this male heritage and gender biased stuff, I was a constant┬ávictim.

Nevertheless, the discriminations and verbal abuse grew me.

I never hated her.

In fact, I admired her dominance and intelligence.

I tried all ways to win a little space in her heart but in vain. Massaging her legs, rubbing and warming her back on cold nights, squeezing her Sunkist oranges minus the seeds, bake her sugarless cakes……

I wonder if Angie felt fortunate. I guessed not, at this tender age. Mom loves her like her own grandchild.

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