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My Canvas Arrived

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A brand new chapter of my life as Mrs. Chan has made me, joanne khoo, sort of absent. I kind of disappeared but not exactly vanished. I just played wife so comfortably well.

Since tying the knot, Stevie and I progressed from our nomadic lives to happy settlers. Although it took us longer than expected, a year was way too long for a small apartment to be renovated.

I am totally in love with HOME, a spacious abode carefully designed by my talented hubby. Visit us and you shall want a place similar as your own. Big in hospitality and small in maintenance.

Met many strangers and made many of them my best friends and family. We meet everyday on timeline on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Occasionally, a drink, a nature hike or an adventure holiday with them. Life is great to be among cheerful company. Even greater when many confided because of the trust we had built over time. Never a stale moment.

Searching for sense in sensibilities, strength in adversity.

A reasonable woman undergoing an ugly subject, menopause.

Work has also consumed me much. Much, much reorganizing the chaos built over the years’ of hurried growth. I shall endeavor it this time around in a better way.

In the middle of all these God’s grace, there lies a giant H easel stand, many brushes, some paints and a few other larger canvases prepared by hubby for me  to fulfill my dream to complete my long yearned dream …. completing a masterpiece, my masterpiece.

How can I say no to painting colours into my life again?