our wedding

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our wedding - edward khoo


Marks the new beginning of my new chapter as Mrs. Chan.


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pic by stevie chan


star gazing, sweet embraces

heart a-thumping, missing someone

perfect and so beautiful

like a firefly,

why it came and disappeared as quickly?

where has it gone, mommy…..she asked

I’d like to let her into my world, to see and feel what it is, but it doesn’t work that way.

She will know when love reappears again.

Explain we may not about love, but you know when it is there.

You can kid someone but you cannot pretend love.

just never give up,

search not or you will tire down

Love is love, you can feel it.

He is there.

You just know.

You know it’s there ….. when he loves you.

Love is beautiful and worth the wait dear……..
You know when it reappears again!

Love is love, you can feel it.

You just know.

You know it’s there …. when you are loved.

dawn of a new beginning

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i have had a swift 365

i braved many struggles and fears

i slumbered on the unhurried matters

i negotiated with my heart over and over

i detoured from an escapade to nowhere

i remained the same but different in grasp

i shall look forward yet, to another 365

may the new year be as kind as the last