romance is dead

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I am like hours away from a piece of Valentine Day press release dateline, totally uninspired.

Not a single word.

This is not good.

I am supposed to be selling the idea of how sexy lingerie helps spice up an escapade to the general crowd out there aspiring to be wooed and cooed.

Oh dear!

This is no good.

Stupid cupid, cherubs, angels, devils……whatever, where are you?

memories are made of these

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it’s winter solstice today

i am like up 5am this morn

too early to make them, colourful rice balls

so I went back in time

scoured my yahoo blog archives

i will never forget these loving people

who filled my loneliness

with laughter and joy

thank you

Dec 26, ’08 1:13 AM

love my life,  yahoo blog

another 365 days

is almost over…..soon,

it’s Christmas

the present tense

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I had always yearned a Christmas tree, from young.

Never succeeded in arguing or seducing one from Alex, even in our early married days. He probably thought, I looked, the pretty enough tree.

Finally got one, 5 feet tall ornate with pine cones a few years back and I had been busy planning Christmas parties.

For me, Christmas is an expression of love.

In simple manners.

Till, someone like mom, messed it up.

Firstly, we will be arguing away on which day we should host the party. Secondly, what food to serve and lastly, the guests lists.

But….but…..but……excuse me mom?

I thought this is my party?

She has decided it shall be the 24th,
no cooking, and
who shall be invited.

Never mind that, at least I have 3 less things to dwell on.

But, I am really stressed out.

There is not a single wrapped up gift underneath my flaming white tree and Christmas party is like 7 days away!

I hate to disappoint the children.

I usually take pride in every single gift I bought for my loved ones.

But I am so out of time!

Stress not. Stress not.

Forget about pride, who needs it.

I want sanity.

I need a short cut.

A perfect cut!

Perfume for all ladies.
Boxer shorts for all men.
Chocolates for all children

he proposed

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In any family festivities, I am the official photographer. Whether with my favourite G10 or iPhone, I happily shoot. A very large collection has been amassed these last 3 years; a treasure chest for me to dig in and write about our Chan family.

I happened to capture this, one of my favourite and made cover for our wedding invitation card.

Not suspecting anything because I know Stevie adores Margaux very much. Plucking flowers for his princess is a normal thing. Very often, he plucks wild flowers from outside her school compound, ready to greet her when he fetches her from school.

The lilacs were for me!

I blushed. Can you see the flush on my face?

Teary and pleasantly shocked. First time ever in my life, a guy went down on his knees and proposed for my hands.

Of course, I said “YES”.

let there be light

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yes! yes! yes!