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i have been known, the romantic nut or rather “笨桃“


i have been known, ever loving and giving it all or selfless


i have been known, “the precious” and “gem” by loved ones

they want the “best” for me, i know

friends, relatives, siblings and parents alike

on friends:

lately, they spent hours trying to talk me out of marriage

as if you had not been there before, they exclaimed

they are all the same, another added

one, tempted to offer me 2 million to be a runaway bride

so silly it must have sounded

i know you love me and mean well

but “being together” means so much to me

having someone to cherish and be adored

don’t you all remember those moments?

where had they all gone?

go and find it, and share my happiness in the same light

god bless us

on parents:

everyone of them beam and smile

‘cos their prayers for me come true

they only want me to be happy and have a life

my brothers, just had a liner…..”trust you”

my parents, rejoice that i have someone to grow with

my Adrienne, just want me to remember to love “ME”

on relatives:

go, run and catch up!

Hi 5

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Marketing companies thought they are smart by organizing factory visits for kids in schools, some as young as little Margaux.

2 days ago, she went for a factory visit that just made headlines a couple of years back for unsavory bread.

Came home with a cream puff, that she absolutely loved and of course, a full loaf of regular sliced ones.

This morning, while getting ready to depart Long River we had a very light hearted chat. An activity I most enjoyed with this petite lady in her favourite pink jacquard modern cheongsam.

Half playing, and rolling under our glass coffee table.

Out of the blue, she folded her thighs, lifted her right arm to brush away some hair from her face.

Intently, she said from below the glass top of our coffee table…..

“ Joanne, you know why they invited us to their factory?”

I didn’t have to answer.

………they want us to buy bread from them

our little princess is back

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the house is filled with






by the way

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Kim is Malaysian.

Many have checked in the past.

Many have continued to enquire recently.

If Kim, “the other woman” was a “little dragon girl”?

I have had a good laugh

Kim paints too.

wished I could………

happy wedding planner

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Just booked 3 Chinese sit down dinner tables at the Sheraton Restaurant located in the Sg. Long Clubhouse.

Not for us, I am smarter to have surrendered this task to my beloved, Stevie.

I am the official wedding planner again, this time for my littlest brother Edward and his wife-to-be Jenny.

I am most delighted as we managed to secure the only private room and it comes with free corkage and karaoke.

A small party like Jimmy & Lisa’s wedding banquet, strictly for immediate family. ( As usual, mom failed to adhere and invited a few more, it should be alright. What dowager wants, dowager gets.)

Coincidently, Stevie and I agreed to a simple family dinner for immediate families and a fun barbeque luncheon for close friends.

Not going to please the world that wouldn’t matter and crack on ourselves, trying to meet “everyone’s” expectations.

After all, I did have a great do before…..3 banquets spread over 3 cities for my first one. However, it did not impressed on a lasting print on my marriage certificate.

Anyway, I am open for surprises. I love beautiful surprises. Please let it be beautiful. (smiling and keeping my fingers crossed :P )

We kind of explored a few possibilities, so far. Jenna was kind enough to offer to book the Clubhouse at Gita Bayu. Apparently, the chef is from Shangri-la and many splendid wedding parties were held there before.

I leave it to “US”……. U S-tevie!

Surprise me….. :P

the other woman

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Many admired my “opened heartedness” or more colloquially “big heart”, with regards to me meeting up with my ex-husband’s current wife.

13 years is a long time. We were never formally introduced, it could have been the deliberate act of Alex. Damned.

Kim, his wife, can then blame my arrogance and I, the ex-wife could only imagine her, a spoilt and insecure spouse.

Through little bits of stories from Adrienne’s encounter with her new extended family, we slowly got acquainted.

Initially, cold, steely and guarded.

As Adrienne plied between the cold winter weathers of Shanghai, she collected warmth.

Layer by layer, the animosity, distrust and suspicion were discarded.

A friendship began and they bonded amicably.

For Adrienne, Josephine and Jacelyn, innocent beings brought forward; Kim and I had made precise decisions to provide them nurturing wells filled with love and security, no child should be deprived of.

I am quite sure, “the other woman”, a title that has always been a stigma I carried along with Kim ……..

I bear no bitterness nor anger.

Never ever did because my departure was strictly a personal one.

I am glad that we finally met.

For Kim and I,

we are no longer “the other woman”

……..we are family!