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i am suddenly feeling

so sad

so depressed

and i don’t know why?


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Lifting up again, my pencils and my courage to draw was like so, so difficult.

I gotten my first set of Derwent charcoal pencils like a few months back.

It sat on my bedroom side table, cold and steely. Inviting all the time but I just froze with no inkling of what I should draw

I fear.

Just 3 weeks back,for my birthday present…… my loved one surprised me with more drawing tools. This time, a full set of watercolour pencils complete with thoughtful moleskin sketchpad and accessories.

There should be no more excuses.

But then……day just passes by. Weeks now and soon it will be months.

I keep procrastinating.

But, why?

I fear.

That the output will be mediocre?
But who is to judge?

Oh! Lazy and crazy me…..the one big obstacle has always been ME.

I fear.

in the right frame

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this is the 15th of the 8th lunar month

tonight most chinese friends and relatives

will be gathering together to celebrate




waking up this morning

i feel so blessed

i have all my loved ones with me

and to my lovely adrienne

mommy will be thinking

and missing you from afar

and i love you

and for all my friends and relatives

i wish you well

in perfect health and happiness

and i love you all too

中秋节快乐, 人月两团圆

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Now that you have returned,

whether it was for them or yours truly; are you truly home?

It is mid-autumn celebration tonight, a happy reunion with all your loved ones. The people who bathed and showered you care, tenderness and love.

While cracking a menglembu groundnut,

savoring a small sliver of baker cottage’s lotus bean paste mooncake and downing some expensive pu erh………

will you be watching the moon from your old house

and miss me?