never looking back

June 25th, 2009 § 0 comments § permalink

What I had wanted to say to you, is that I have made bold steps.

Small in the beginning. Treading with skepticism, distrust and an ocean of fears.

I have journeyed beyond my inner soul.
I have found peace, serenity and love that used to be empty promises, deceiving mirages and never ending wait.

I shall not return to that painful path, to seek solace of mere sweet memories.

I will be happy cos no more sadness in ignorance.
I will be peaceful cos no more turbulence in self pity.
I will be confident cos no more deceptions out of necessity.

I am heading forward and decided to let you stay behind.

Loneliness…….I am bidding you goodbye!

Plucking Up Again

June 24th, 2009 § 0 comments § permalink

Forgotten dreams.

Once abandoned and hidden at bay.
They haunted you.
You shied away.

Forgotten dreams.

Once tantalizing and brewing away.
They teased you.
You could not stay.

Awakened dreams.

Provocative and taunting appraise.
They tickled you.
You resisted no more.

Awakened dreams.

So tempting real and here to stay
Tangibly to behold.
You surrendered, anyway.

Hair Raising Temperatures

June 24th, 2009 § 0 comments § permalink

Seriously, I have been dead adamant about having my hair not short.

All my life, I have had my fair share of disastrous hairstyles.

You learned painfully, for a short while and fall back gullible to try something so wrong.

I can live with it.


I have done it before. Just let your strands grow gradually over time, as they lengthen…….

so does your patience.

Patience to accept criticisms and advise.

My biggest critic, happens to be my daughter…..she spares no mercy, no considerations for this faint heart of mine.



Aunty hairstyle.

You name it.

Ranting her heart out. From the moment I received her from a bunch of kind hearted people at Burger King, KLIA to this evening, when I joined her in her bedroom.

“…, please go thin your hair. You will look better!”

An admirer, wrote on my wall that he preferred the previous look. But, gosh……I will continue to change.

I can’t be frozen, he can keep my photo though!

And, mom…….

the same old music of

“I told you so, you look ugly in short hair! Why you never listened?”

I am not disturbed.

I used to be very concerned with how I looked. I am not callous or unkempt.


I have accepted, the me

that looks funny, ugly, and pretty sometimes.

I love this feeling.
It frees me.

……. and

I am dying to grow my hair

back long again.