them and us

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this has got to be my most favorite picture

taken on mother’s day, i think 4 years back
there was this sony carnival and there was this booth that
sells color printers, obviously targeting at digital pocket camera enthusiasts

we were suckers, merely wanted a mother’s day memento for remembrance

My Mother


i could never understand her, i mean me as a daughter
i love her, anyway

My Daughter

my adrienne, not so little girl understands me
she loves me, in many ways


teasing life

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many a times

i sit
i ponder
i wonder

are you thinking the same?

mom’s recovery

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We went for the 3rd post-operation check up this afternoon.

Doctor Then hasn’t arrived yet. Anyway, we weren’t supposed to see him first.
Mom has to go through an eye test to register the progress of her sight.

I was pleasantly surprised.

For someone, who used to be quite, or almost blind……I heard mom reading the
Collen Chart 6 feet away. She hardly could see our fingers 6 inches away before this.

It will take her a good whole year before her total sight can be restored.

However, she was so excited last week with her new gained sight……she told the world
she could see now!

She is doing well and positively charged. Will try update again soon…..cheers!


mother’s day

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it was mother’s day and i wasn’t home celebrating.

we, i mean my siblings, never really have the necessity to celebrate this precise day.

we content that our mere proximity to mom, after all the furthest, jimmy is only 20 minutes drive away from her.and i thought, mom was open minded on this fact.

not true. she is a hypocrite. she complained to adrienne long distance.

therefore, does one hypocrite makes another? shall we all pretend that a mother’s day is important and to hell with the remainder 364 days…. urgh!

i salute 3 persons with the title mom, not from the beginning of my utterance

serious, i never called my mom….mom, from the beginning. i was sickly from birth and a visit to a medium forbade me from recognizing her mom but just aunty. i think this myth or practice is so sick and unhealthy.

so she wasn’t mom for a long time till i was so sick of calling her aunty……hey! excuse me… are my mom. right? i was probably 16 or 17 then.

when i was 22, the year i met alex’s mother; i found comfortably the best old lady in the world. apologetic and humble all the time. i cherish all the time spent with her and grateful for the love she has for me.

i know it is too early. maybe i am just affectionate or a damn romantic. i started addressing stevie’s mother as mom too. she is hell of a lady, soft spoken and full of compassion….a living buddha of sort.

anyway, to all mothers of the world

be happy and stay healthy
happy mother’s day!

limau limau

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this little cafe tuck at an adjacent road (hang lekiu) off jonker street in malacca, shall always be my favorite

about a year back, stevie brought me here on our first “date”

same time i made friends with limau limau owners, soon and sharen

do drop by here to escape into a sanctuary, a new world you relate with fantasy and no fuss while escaping the other familiar world that is real and stressful

if you can stay till sunset, bring along a camera to capture the light that brightens, tickles and fades silently away….escaping without bidding goodbye

and wala ….

you are immediately welcome to the coolness of dusk, rush not and a glass of beer perhaps accompanied by the call of azan

your night has just begun