operatic meal

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temple 4 by you.

temple 7 by you.

temple 1

Tucked behind HSBC (Jalan Ipoh), we discovered a big parcel of land whereby this admiral temple was situated. I was impressed, especially so that afternoon, cos I was so warmly welcomed by the smoke, burning incense and joss sticks…….chimble and chimes, half sleepy opera rehearsing in the background.

I wouldn’t comment much of the food during the first visit. I thought it was just okay, though I was probably emotional because of the hype of festivity.

We went there again, just 2 days back.

I decided I wouldn’t be going back for a long long time. Decided, the food was just okay.

Anyway, let’s not waste my pictures.

Tasty they may not be to your stomach,
just let them feast your eyes! 

temple 3 by you.
fried saito fish cakes and other assortment

temple 2 by you.
claypot fish head beehoon with loads of fried yam

temple 5

follow the leader

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*** Exploring Each Other ***
*** Follow The Leader ***
_DSC0826 _DSC0928
It is the tail end of the school break.
Thought it a great idea to put them together.
Angie and Margaux.
Truly special kids!

home in malacca

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tic toc and i by you.
Tic Toc and I reading a storybook after a hearty breakfast of yam and nien kou fritters.

When you desire peace and tranquility, Malacca is a obvious choice for
a short weekend holiday.

Familiar sights, warm settings and nothing beats the “I am HOME” feelings.

We took a slow drive home and spent some wonderful time with some wonderful people.

Soon and Sheren, graceful host and hostess

lazy n busy
Perfect setting in a straits settlement home refurbished.
Oblivious of the noisy bustling tourist hangout around Jonker,
our host’s love nest resided at a pretty quiet corner…..

Steve and I, both photography enthusiats had a field day scouring
every corner of their home.

Only difference was, I was carrying my loyal Sony Ericsson for the job and Steve was getting accustomed to his digital Nikon…….such disparity!

handphone cameraman by you.

steve fiddling DSC00373 steve

An amateur against a almost professional, I am disadvantaged.

I have to qualify,whatever pics you see of me, are taken with the good camera. Everything else, came from my faithful mobile camera….not bad, not bad at all!

strait beauty high lights

The beautiful lunch

wine n dine by you.

I was impressed. No other words.

soon sheren n soon