what a mouthful

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3 hours at the orthodorntist
I made a mistake inviting Jenny and Angie to go with us on this visit.
Doctor Lee is trying to hastened the process as Adrienne is leaving soon.
We hope to remove the braces in time for her departure.

I had expected a 15 mins job but…..we stayed beyond 3 very long hours.

180 mins is very difficult to kill if you do not have WIFI, PSP, or a book
to read.

We decided to be nerdy….

Angie was so excited to be temporary guardian/keeper for Adrienne’s
pair of glasses. She came out from the dental chambers scared…..
but just a short while.

We decided to be tickled ourselves…
let’s camwhore with cheche’s glasses.
Oh yeah!


DSC04760….too bigĀ 

DSC04761….too square

We asked for lunch intermission

We were there from 11am and the dental job wasn’t done till 2pm.
Adrienne decided to tell the doctor that we needed a break……at least
20 mins to do lunch.

My stomach was already growling……..

As the CNY celebration is not quite over, most shops are still closed.
Our favourite makan joint, Hing Loong, a branch from the popular
Taiwanese Fried Sparerib Noodles in Malacca………was opened.


DSC04775 by you.

Don’t order anything else…..it is not worth your time and money.
Just the spareribs. Enough!


cny in malacca

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Mom and dad, both are Malaccans.
While dad’s family has sort of dispersed to various towns,
mom’s siblings are all still pretty much intact…..in good old Malacca.

Everyear, we will just have to deligently visit Long Pek,
the oldest surviving cousin of dad.

After which, we all stay home and wait for all other younger

We decided to set off to Malacca on the 1st day of CNY,
although traditionally we did it on the 2nd day.


Tua Kim n Tua Ku’s place
We didn’t intentionally follow the order of seniority to pay our respects,
just a matter of convenience……….whatever the sensible route take us.

DSC04577 i love the easy atmosphere…..no pretence.

2 Ku House and a funny story

Leelee’s (my adopted sis) father stays in Malacca town,
Jalan Bungaraya to be pecised. He manages a small mahjong
den for his old buddies, thus making enough monies for his
simple lifestyle.

When we arrived his new house (2nd home) at Batu Berendam,
his wife has to call him to make a trip up and play host.

Poor man……..

He casually rode his old honda cub through the city towards
new home and was smacked with a ticket……his driving license
expired, a day ago. What luck?

A ticket for the 1st day of CNY….is no angpow, he lamented to us.
DSC04581 by you.

San Yi’s Mansion, worth mentioning…..hahaha
DSC04626 by you.

You get into the CNY mood instantly, the moment you step foot inside.

The decor, the food, the people….the hospitality.

DSC04610 by you.
Dad, San Yi and hubby and mom …….so cliche.

DSC04591 by you.
Leelee with my godsons, Tee, Yuan, hubby and Min.

DSC04602 by you. potato porridge….yummy

We never leave this place without spending some good hours inside the
karaoke lounge……….yeah i was crooning away!

Tua Yi’s Place
DSC04665 by you.

The most gracious and generous host among the family.
She will cook all our favorite dishes……yummy and we will
eat and yak the afternoon away!

DSC04632 by you.

DSC04660 by you.

DSC04648 by you.
This house has plenty of children, lots of activities…….especially
gambling during this time of the year. Yours truly, just sit from
afar and watch.