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my blessings for a great year that was…

Really has been a great year for me.

they caught the naughty guys who robbed my family in Oct 07. The car they droved off was recovered as well.

i met 2 virtual friends that has kept me company funnily, stevie whom i chat occasionally in the day and lene often through the nights. Thanks for being around, almost….like real

my Adrienne’s all grown up…..flew alone to Trinity and completed her foundations. Just gotten herself accepted into Melbourne U. I like her slightly better appreciation to people and her surroundings.

mom and dad are in the best of health. Sometimes I just wished they are not so sicked with each other. Be sensible and mature, less sensitive and just shut up whenever angered. I think need to send them to jack nicolson for therapy.

the team that has worked hard alongside with me on our brand are all able and healthy. Thanks for another great successful year. We made it!

i am thankful that i have been generally well too. Just that I have to start jogging in the mornings again. Done my annual medical and monthly BSE as well….hope you gals are keeping well too!

connecting as much as I could with loved ones, near and far. Every ocassion is a celebration here in our household. We don’t need to wait for CNY. Yes, Peylin….I remember that I promised to cart my dinosaurs to Malacca zoo as often but they are too heavy to shove around. And Ken, Tee and Bel for contacting and keeping in touch ever so often too.

lost and found, thanks to facebook that i have reconnected with a few. I love this cyber age…….distance is no longer a problem. You can MSN, IM, SKYPE or gmail chat, you are connected.

Through sheer fate or grace, I am thankful that I finally found my best friend Rajinder last night after losing touch with her for a long guilty 27 long years! 

to the pro-tem committee of SL4 for making this gated community a reality……a great big SALUTE and THANKs

Thanks to Angie, Edward and Jenny for keeping me warm all year round……..


fruits of my labour

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I know it is not fair.
While others are busy working at the office, I have other plans.
I woke up to the ever familiar symphony playing, never bored nor out of tune.

I have been lucky with birds lately.
Angie and I caught a very intimate view of a majestic turquoise kingfisher while on
our drive out a gated signature residential in Bangsar.
I was thrilled. but my Sony cannot do justice.

I got interested and armed with a zoom lens with my DSLR.
Hope I am luckier today.

Picked mom’s apple and a pear from the kitchen, told her my intent with those fruits.
Gave her a bearish hug and i love u before heading upstairs for my maiden bird watching.

from my balony with love

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