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Paying respects to our elders

Dad and Mom being quite elderly, we have the privilege of staying home and receiving relatives.

However, Dad still has an older cousin brother and we will always pay him a visit on the morning of the Lunar New Year.

A tradition we have kept the last 15 years.


House proud, at 85 and 75 they decorated the whole house RED!

RED is Uncle Long’s favourite during this time of the year .

His new year attire thisĀ is from Bangkok. Last year I think he wore something from Hong Kong.

Yes, the T-Shirt inside could have been the one!

Oh ya, he loves RED and yours truly has to be the Chief Interior Decorater!

Not Bad! Judge for yourself.

Getting Together, Rejoicing!

From Young

To Old

5th day of cny

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    Saying goodbye is always difficult and heartwarming…

    As it is still the lunar new year, reunion is obvious but not bidding goodbye.

    But this is a good “goodbye”.

    Adrienne entered as the first grandchild for mom and dad and naturally, the first niece to the whole family barely 8 months old.

    Now, at almost 17, she is leaving the nest to seek education and growth.

    She will surely miss all of us…………


    Missing all the aunties and Angie…

    “Small Uncle”…I will miss all the DVDs

    “Big Uncle”…I will miss all the curry fish heads

    Ah Ma….I will not miss your nagging

    but will miss your homecooked food

    Ah Moi….I will miss your help and massages

    Mommy…I will miss all the shopping

    Adrienne has been so blessed and always surrounded with loved ones. This will be one journey whereby she is very much independent and by herself.

    All her previous travels are for family excursions and retreats.

    This is the starting point for searching the light…..

    One that brightens the path to education, friendship, fellowship, growth and love!

    reunion dinner

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    Edward and Jenny hosted Reunion Dinner

    Mom was out voted. She had no choice.

    Not this year.

    We had been eating the last 3 reunion dinners at “lousy fast-food style”restaurants. The price tag was unreasonable and the food and service………..horrible!

    Mom was not at all perturbed. She need not toiled the hours and days preparing the dishes. It was all too tiring for her.

    Was the food bad? No, it was okay right? Fast and efficient. No planning, no marketing, no cooking.

    Her one last try

    2 weeks before the new year. She declared that she is not going into the kitchen on the eve to be bathed with smoke and sweat. Begged me to agree to having our dinner at a restaurant.

    Did I say BEG? Sounded so unkind. It was exactly that and there was no way I could turn it down.

    She must have beamed victory and immediately called all my brothers……..your sister suggested dinner outside, please oblige, go check on the restaurant!

    How nicely put!

    Clarification and a Unanimous Decision

    Immediately my brothers called me to double check. We all knew that we have all been sucked and cheated but understood that it would be unfair to suggest that Mom cooks.

    Edward volunteered.

    To the happiness of Eric and Jimmy……I was smiling too!

    Eric being the apple of my mom was assigned that task of “advising” Mom what we had unanimously decided upon.

    Preparations: location

    Preparations: the food

    The Pre-Reunion Dinner Fun