happy new year

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Are You One of Them Dancing There?

If you are, enjoy yourselves.

Age is creeping and you know it. You had realised that you are just too young to be those partying; there will be a couple of gatherings that you thought out of place.

Gosh, I cannot even remember how I ushered last year in.

Gee, forgetfulness is another sign of aging.

Just online with a long lost cousin, played with her when I was in my teens and she was probably just toddling around.

So thankful that a compliment came my way; I grabbed it graciously and I had better. It is not often these days that they appear…

Reflecting 2007

…….I could do better.

Counting on 2008

For all the good things to come.

If you had noticed, the butterfly has just broken out from its cocoon.

Another beautiful life, a new lift!

A new beginning……………….


christmas gathering

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Bee Leng has really bought this new house of hers at a bargain. Located in the heart of PJ at Section 2 and nicely lodged at a quiet neighbourhood.

I was totally impressed and instantly fell in love with this simple single storey bungalow.

The garden with proper landscaping and plants will certainly be a fantastic green and lushly sanctuary. Setback, it is right next to the Taman Bahagia LRT and the rail runs along the front of the house.

Marvelous thing about a flat structured building is, you immediately feel space.

Now Bee Leng can proudly display all her collectibles. Taking center stage here is definitely her family photo taken on her wedding.

Having left university for 21 years, built our careers, marriages and bringing up the children; this small reunion during one of these 3 main festivals helps keep us abreast of each others lives.

How the children have grown taller….similarly our waistlines bigger, and definitely we have grown older and wiser…I hope.

The children got totally TWISTED here!

pajama party

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xmastock.gif (7560 bytes)bunnsock.gif (8435 bytes)

caneclr.gif (9704 bytes) The theme was Pajama and nothing else will do. Well, kind of funny to be wearing pajamas and bedroom slippers around the office. What the heck, for fun.

The entire L&D room was transformed into our family house. No details were spared. Wall posters, photo frames on the mantle piece…..and you guessed it. I was the family martyr and there was even our family photo…..the XIXILI family photo!

caneclr.gif (9704 bytes)

afireplac.gif (18745 bytes)

Fire Place

Hilarious and unexpected. The Best Dressed and Worst Dressed event surprised us when the finalists embarked on a catwalk fight.


Tammy the Sports Club President took the lead to show off her Tyra Banks walk!

A lighter moment shared, who is the most cuddly bear here?

91-wreathw2.gif (11058 bytes)

Wah, Wasabi Attack!

Losers Penalty

Pajama Party Committee

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winter solstice

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Dongzhi is a very auspicious celebration for many Cantonese families and many treat this day as an even greater day than our Lunar Chinese New Year.

As it falls precisely on the 22nd Dec yearly, many take opportunity to take a stretch of long holiday with Christmas to go back to their hometown for a reunion.

My family is very different. We eat and meet so regularly that a formal reunion celebration is not needed. In fact, this day will just pass by like any other ordinary day, except that we fuss over making the rice dumpling balls with Ah Ma.

No dinners and big feasts…just yummy red and white rice┬áballs!

Angie and Ah Ma’s 1st Anniversary making tangyuen.

Frosty the Snowman in all shapes and sizes!

Happy Family…..

No mercy…..Angie gulping down the melted snowmen!