Pink Ribbon Day

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BUT I WAS WEARING LILAC ……. I almost surrendered.

We went to every shop, every department store and every mall…….. My saviour…can pass off as off-pink, dead-pink, dirty-pink. I cannot care anymore. * * * * * LOVE MY LIFE Party

Our 5 Ambassadress given our best honour and salutations on stage. May, Lai Kwan, Lyn, Nellie and Lianna

Private Luncheon

Ambassadress and Breast Cancer Survivors


Pink Runway After the Party….

Sprtizer Models

Spritzer Models

Window Mannequin

Playful Mannequin

Pink Cubs Resting

Pink Cubs Resting

More Pink Ladies

We are the PINKEST!

where there is love

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…there is FOOD!

Salmon Spaghetti

Provencal Lamb Caesar Salad

Mushroom Soup

Hey! Leave me some! You must really go pay this much talked about place a visit. The Loaf serves no ordinary food but surprisingly great food. We have not gotten the chance to try their bread, just heard that the prawn sandwich is smashing. My cousin sweared that it was “so so good!”. After an eventful afternoon celebrating Love My Life, our stomachs were growling loud for fuel. Not dampened by them turning us away during lunch, we kept our hopes high for a quiet pampering at The Loaf’s fine dining restaurant. The extra a dollar or two for their exquisite food and feast for the eyes, was worth every penny. We were tired and not particulary ambitious about voluminous orders and settled for sharing instead. Boy….Amanda, Adrienne and I were eyeing the Provencal Lamb and wished we had ordered more. Nevertheless, we decided not to fight and make a return trip for more!

i think i found it!

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See You There………… PINK! Of course!

no sign of pink

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and the Pink Party is this Friday!

No luck whatsoever.

Either the designs are too young and kinky or they are so dreary!

I am desperate…..

It is so winter here, all the merchandise are moving to red, black, grey and white.

If it was fall season, I would be in better luck!

Serve me right, I had a whole year to choose and pick!

Lesson learned, buy it even it was ahead of time.

So what do I do now?


searching for pink

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for LOVE MY LIFE Party!

We have searched and cannot seemed to find anything suitable for both of us this Friday.

The closest match for Adrienne is this pair of slippers…

Need help….any tips?

in composition

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I have been checking on acrylic paints and canvases. But the urge to draw or paint something was so great and daunting. I resorted to PAINT microsoft software. Very raw and difficult without mouse and pen. Just felting away! ~~*~~ Gien and Anna, take centrestage. Their cyber love, intense and natural inspires this kaideloscopic piece. The visuals overtook my abilty and speed to pen down my thoughts. ~~*~~ Crystalisation of 2 same story. In diifferent forms at different speed.
River of Love The Painting

all puckered

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An gie-lina Jolie Angie got sexy tonight. She was all puckered up! Angelina’s was natural. Angie’s was accidental. Cheng Sim tempted me with Mrs. Yong home recipe dessert. Adrienne and I couldn’t resist. Haggled with Ah Ma to allow us to bring Angie along. Ah Ma refused. We fought. We won. Angie came home with a prized lip augmentation! It was free! Qiao See’s head banged onto her face accidentally. Poor Angie…. Sexy Angie….


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Edward is not very good with anything alcoholic…

Both Adrienne and I, lazy beings…..our camera batteries were thoroughly flat even before the end of our steamboat party.

This was the last photo captured, or else….we will be feasting with my beetroot face and Eric’s sleepy one!

Dad, Jimmy and Eric are quite pitless…..they can gush in almost anything and stay sober for a long, long, long time. So unfair!

Edward and I, are just the opposite. We cannot even hold a pint of beer……nor a glass of wine!

Steamboat…..or shabu-shabu or dunking food

Whatever you called it…….just a reminder that it doesn’t happen on a
steamboat literally!

It is visually simplified meal but….preparation takes time.

The array of processed food and fresh food take centre stage. You can serve just about anything “uncook” yet…..something easily “steamed” and cooked through dunking into a pot of hot water.

Ah Ma prepared this beautiful and aromatic herbal chicken stock. Hours of slow cooking resulted in this base stock for dunking any food your heart desires. We were a little greedy, there was a side dunking pot containing the spicy favourite tomyam stock.

Honestly, Ah Ma’s stock is the best! Always be!

Whatever dunked, can be eaten as it is…..sweet and natural! However, there were 3 condiments for the night; all peppery hot and spicy. I chose the mildest with lots of coriander and parsley……yummmmy…….

A toast to togetherness……

for love and peace on this Earth that we dwell!

tiada maaf bagimu

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In the spirit to Forgive and Forget…….

Muslims throughout the world are celebrating a new beginning with Syawal. Every beginning denotes the ending of something else.

Ah Moi has observed her fasting throughout the month of Ramadhan. It ended last evening with prayers in thankfulness. We had allowed the radio be tuned to a local Malay station, piping loud festivity songs joyously!

Selamat Hari Raya

On my way down the stairs this morning, she was already waiting to “salam” me and asked for forgiveness.

Although, it is her “New Year”; she is not relieved. She is still needed to manage the minor chores of cleaning.We just cannot be apologetic about it.

A small celebration. We started by having a simple vegetarian breakfast; tomyam meehoon to be precise.

Ah Ma bought her a grilled chicken whereby she is free to decide how she wanted to share it with the neighbours’ maid later the day.

I just heard from upstairs that my brother has bought her a box of donuts.

I have chosen some simple traditional Malay cakes for her too.

Reflecting on the true meaning of forgive and forget, let us travel through the daily squabbles between these 2 grandmothers under my roof.

This is highly comical. There were days that they argued and fought with lots of crying and denying.

In denial, that the other was horribly ungrateful…

They are so deserving of each other…these 2 proud grandmothers!

or rather it was “I shall not forgive”

Ah Ma never forgave and forgotten about anything. Nothing misses her. She can play the “cold war” with you and if you cannot stand solidarity and torturous silence….don’t fight her….submit to her….

nor shall I Forget!

She has nicely kept a few books where she has the balance sheet of how “agreeing” or “challenging” you are.

I am badly bruised. My accounts is tattered. She has had made enemies with all of us…..including Angie

it is all about Forgetfulness

With Ah Moi, she easily forgets if she had aggravated you……she forgets easily too. Anything small enough to have been missed and can easily aggravates you too!

She forgets the water, the door, the towel and she even forgets about forgetting something just recently….hahaha

and then, Please Forgive

Pride and Prejudice….that’s Ah Ma!

Ah Moi’s favourite statement: “I am sorriiiiii”

It is ever so difficult to be upset with these beautiful beings.

When we know them enough, love them enough……

We Forgive and We Forget


love is around me

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Tiger Lilies from our market…… and lasting!

I love flowers, any flowers as long as they are fresh flowers.

Ah Ma adores flowers too. She will always check out the market place for the best bargain and timing.

Although it was a Thursday, she could not resist. We normally buy them on Sundays for me to be able to enjoy them at my work station during the entire week!

With such beautiful blooms, I am glad Ah Ma bought them.

If you love flowers and it puts a smile on your face too….just pay RM10 to RM 16 for 2 to 4 stalks of Tiger Lilies.

Try and capture how it transforms……moment to moment

your eagerness for the flower to bloom,

your urging desire for it retain its spectacular blossom,

your sadness when it wilts and surrendering it to the trash

And before too long, you will be expecting the next bouquet……

Conversations with loved ones..

Dad is on leave. He has taken opportunity of the long Eidul Fitri holidays to visit his old friends up north in Alor Setar.

That will leave Ah Ma highly handicapped or immobilised!

Relief driver, make Ah Ma gets to the market to buy her stuff or my ears be stuffed

Long overdue conversations took place….

We had quite a conversation on the way from home to the market. I had asked her; “Mum are you upset that you are losing the sight of your right eye?”

Before she could answer me, I thought I had guide her along towards not feeling sorry for herself.

“Mum, you probably feel blessed that you had full sight the last 70 years and losing them now meant you had already maximised its existence for such a long time!”

“You are still able to see despite it; and many are so “blind” although they have both good eyes to see!”

She let me rattled on and when I finished,….she coolly answered me;

“I am blessed that “they” are only taking my right eye, I might have “lost” more… could be something else! You know what I mean?”

I smiled.

New Company….

Angie comes in timely to fill the vacuum in Ah Ma’s life. Angie makes Ah Ma feel needed and purposeful.

Angie becomes Ah Ma’s excuse to cajole, advise and teach. Endless joy bringing up a child….but who is the child here?

Ah Ma is behaving more childlike as she aged….she can be as naive and “difficult”. Therefore, you get fantastic laughs and smiles when these 2 beautiful children interact…….