lost a child

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Various parties are concertedly pressing for the public not to rest…..not to be complacent about what had happened to Nurin.

We all have children and cannot dreamed of such inhumane and outright cruel.

Please click onto AMBER ALERT to find out more about what we can do……



A real account of how as a careless mom, I almost lost Adrienne…..

adrienne at Bucharest Garden


In the early 90s, nearing Chinese New Year, my relatives will throng KL for their shopping. There weren’t much back then in Malacca.

With the crowd and shopping craze, I suddenly realised that Adrienne was not beside me or any of my relatives.

I went pale, of guilt.

As someone in the retail and familiar with malls, I tried to be calm and composed although holding back drops of tears dying to pour out.

We dispersed and assigned everyone to the possible exit points.

We heard enough how this syndicated accomplices would do; shave the victim and change all his/her clothes.

Seriously, I wished tsunami or earthquake hit and drowned all my guilt away.

After 10 minutes of panic and torture…………………

“Joanne Khoo, please come to the information counter on the 4th floor..”an announcement paging over the PA system.

Instinctly or intuitively……I was praying that they found Adrienne!

I raced upstairs to a very cool and calm Adrienne, seated in front of a customer service officer.

She smiled broadly.

I quickly hugged her and the next moment…..she was crying dogs and cats……..

“Mummy……mummmy where were you…and boo hooooo!”

Luckily, there weren’t bad people preying…..Adrienne would have been a convenient target due to my negligence.

Luckily, a good samaritan saw her and sent her to safety.

Luckily, Adrienne was very familiar with shopping malls. Most weekends, she came along all the market visits with me. She was so familiar with my previous brand, Waxxx and all lingerie to her was Waxxxx!

Luckily, she was trained to remember me as Joanne Khoo besides just plainly, mommy.

Luckily? …….not luck dear……I can only be thankful and blessed.

We cannot count on luck, as parents, we are dutiful to protect and guard them.

I was “lucky”?……you bet!

But you may not be!

Watch over them!

It can be a good excuse to be a lousy host…….


magic touch

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Poor Adrienne.

Been down with purging and wind in her stomach the last 2 days. Generally, Adrienne is not so affectionate.

However, she came into my room and sought comfort. All she wanted was for me to rub her head, hoping that it will take away her splitting ache.

Blamed it on Ah Ma’s ranting! She finds all the nagging unbearable…..

Angie snudged in and was trying to share some comfort too!


baring all

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On a Sunday Morning……..

Much been tolerated over our very “minor” home renovations.

Honestly, the reason for all these chaos and unpleasantness is because I am a lousy “planner”……..

Call it complacency, disinterest or sheer irresponsibility….I am okay.

Although, by projection, we each carry a brand of who we are; deep underlying inside me, is just a plain lazy soul.

I am enjoying a 180 degree view of my room. Boxes and boxes of clothes and books can be seen at every corner.

We still have minor confirmation on my cabinets…I was thinking of a walk-in closet but Ah Ma being typically traditional was up in arms with the contractor cum designer! See……..see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil!

Adrienne and I have designated upstairs to be our santuary and negotiating with Ah Ma that the area is offf limits to her…..proven futile!

Not giving up…..

I think Ah Ma is patronising because we are not house proud beings like her…..Had I been a little earnest, putting in my time and creativity to beautify our home; she’d been a little content.

All the anger and stress having to uphold this colony….makes life unbearable for Ah Ma……..thus inflicting unnecessary upsets among all of us.

Nevertheless, things are coming to shape and almost finishing.

Let us see, how long I need to decide on my wardrobe? It can take forever with a contractor or it can take only a shopping trip to ever reliable….IKEA!

I am rational……

IKEA the Saviour for quick results, baffling Ah Ma…..

private lounge

I decided to convert the TV lounge upstairs as Adrienne’s study cum private area. Procrastination is the biggest weakness in all living soul. You see, it only took me less than half an hour to decide, 1 hour for the IkEA boys to assemble and Adrienne an hour to put out her books.

Fast solutions?….IkEA!

We are going to IkEA again to buy some lights and a couple of more items to make Adrienne’s room more teen themed. Everything in her room at this moment are hand me downs and totally mis-matched……

See, hear and speak no evil……

Ah Ma has just decided to take out all the fluffy, girly toys and rearranged them while Adrienne is asleep. A favour rarely going to be appreciated. A child thinks differently……..I have had my fair share of education!



Walk a mile…..I had warned her.

I hope Adrienne understand the practice of….

See, hear and speak no evil?

I bet it will be baring all………………………….?


memories stay

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Even when All these Decay…………………..


dd5 ko

Thank You!


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But not Lonely anymore……


I was asked probably ten times today; “why are you still single?’


Gasped! I surely did not choose to be one, perpetually. Everyone still thinks that I “marry-able” and a commodity wasted if not traded. So where is the merchant?


One day, when someone old enough, with very bad eyes may oversight this expired soul!


Many a times; I had dared pursue……admirably, are the times I had allowed others to be set free!


Reflecting 16 th September


Arrived late at the park. I was pleasantly surprised that many had turned up for this monthly thingy. Probably, when the beautification plan is drawn up; many more will be attracted to participate.


The Recycling Tzu Chi team was bustling with activities. By the time I joined them after clearing my share of the park (conveniently they had let us clean the segment nearest to our homes); it was resting and feasting time.


Kind of missed the vegetarian buns….Such childish cravings! I kinda of looked forward to recycling because I want to eat the buns when all the chores were done!


Kwong Geok gave me a Tzu Chi book as a gift apologetically as she would be unable to attend the Lantern Festival later tonight. Bless her, Thomas, Coby and Kelly!




Chasing Daylight

This was the afternoon of my birthday.


After returning from a simple porridge lunch and soulful communications with Ah Ma at our favourite shop at Balakong; I tried to rest a little.


I shut my eyes but my mind was restless……


“You want to waste your day away?”


I suddenly remembered the book, Chasing Daylight by Eugene O’Kelly; American CEO and Chairman of KPMG. He started writing this book when he was diagnosed with cancer. Read it.


For people who have an expiry date; you seemed to be able to settle down on the reality. You will want to seize every moments that was left for you…..


For those who have no inkling of our departure dates; let us not chase daylight. Let us embrace every moment that is gifted to us!


I sprang from bed; took along my faithful digital camera and headed to the park at 4.30pm.


Never done that in my life; and with such joy and spontaneity!




Embracing Moments


“SOLITUDE but not Lonely” is the theme of the 3 photos I captured that day.


The photos speak volumes and explaining or interpreting them for you; defeats the Law of Imagination.


Enjoy them as I did.









to 32 years of friendship

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Saw this photo when I returned from the Lantern Festival Party tonite. Adrienne’s unpretentious scribbles. Photo taken at a KFC party at the Zoo. Adrienne was 1 1/2 years old.Sharing Joyous Moments

Had the largest birthday cake ever in my life….a size justifiable for a golden birthday party!

Quick thinking and a large crowd of a hundred over could not even finish this delectable tiramisu….

September Birthday Children


another year

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We were having an Animal Party at the office…..

Cannot find ME?

They graciously “hid” this Dinosaur behind the card! Thanks…..


happy birthday bro

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Sorry, this Cake has been Hijacked!

There are bound to be many celebrations, just for a birthday. Especially, mine!

Traditionally, few parties will be thrown. From office colleagues, friends to family.

Although, the management staff wanted a give me this birthday lunch; I wanted to have a say on the venue. Last year’s celebration at Sugimoto, Hartamas was just so….so. The company was great, I meant the food.

Since, somebody still have to food the bill….

If it has to be Japanese, Genji PJ Hilton is always very consistent.

As one of our directors is a member of the Hilton Privilege Club, he offered his discount card and a complimentary birthday cake voucher for the ocassion.

Remember: What You Don’t Asked, You Don’t Get!

It was specified at the voucher, 24 hour notice for the cake.

We pleaded at the coffee house but the chief waiter was very firm and refused to accomodate.

Not giving up, Chris called the Marketing Department to negotiate. The staff at the HQ said they will see if they can arrange something for us.

Ring……Yes. They could but the best they could offer was a “plain” cheese cake. Chris looked at me and sought approval. I shooked my head.

I uttered candidly, “Tiramisu?”

Chris replied, “Will try.”

Few of my very long time partners that have worked together for more than a decade; were trying to rationalise why the food today somehow do not taste as good as previously.

We have all acquired a certain culinary ability to marvelously judge over a long time of training and comparing.I guessed.

Nevertheless, it was the “assured” value and quality that made me come back here all the time! The past 15 years!

Yes, the end of the meal and time to sing me my birthday song.

Truly, the waiter brought us a Tiramisu cake……but on it wasn’t written Joanne but Jimmy!

Jimmy dearest, in their attempt to fullfil a customer’s request; they had hijacked someone else’s cake for me.

Instead of bringing a smile on my face……. it brought laughter to the whole house!

September 13th is my brother’s birthday.

That cake was so meant for you…..to feast your eyes! Only!

But safely into our stomachs…….fresh, light and yummmmy!

Happy Birthday to You, JIMMY!


3 sons 3 chores

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In a day, 3 sons put a BIG smile on Ah Ma’s face….

AH Moi helps Ah Ma in most of the household chores…..not Dad and definitely not my brothers.

All 3 of my brothers are “married” off already.

Before they left home, traditionally, in this home no man dared touch anything in my house. Least they “offend” me or in reality Ah Ma.

Due to Ah Ma’s hypercritical behaviour, ……the men in my house let Ah Ma have the trousers.

Moral of the story:

Let them do everything and anything. Whether well done or otherwise, appreciate their participation. Quietly, smile that they have helped. Even, if you need to give correction tips, do it gently and apologetically.

Don’t you think they won’t shy away or “escape” away conveniently the next time help is needed?


Jimmy and Dad’s Lazy Chair

One of the screws fell out after much “physical abuse” by the adults of the household.

Ah Ma and Dad had sought peace, refuge and comfort from this chair for many years. Still remember dad bought it for RM220.

Nobody, did anything. For a few months, these couple threaded cautiously when “occupying” it.

Jimmy and Lisa paid us a visit. Sunday, family day. He was curious why Ah Ma was sitting on the floor as everybody. (Home reno, not refurnished yet)

Both quickly went to a hardware shop, bought new screws and “made” minor re-enforcement throughout.

Dad even managed a joke, “Where is my old creaking lady? An old man like me don’t deserve a “virgin” chair anymore!”




Eric Revarnish Ah Ma’s Favourite Rack This simple shelf was made to order some 35 years ago. Our neighbour’s son in Salak South was a carpenter. It was at a handsome price of RM29.


Edward Erected This Shelf Excuse me! Ah Ma house a small mini market in the wet kitchen. Whenever we tease her, she would fume.