sweet 16

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Adrienne is sweet 16 and all grown………. Whew! Thank you Belinda and Janice for agreeing to play co-host with me tonight. Belinda celebrated her birthday at Casa Havana last December and when I was seeking her “expertise” for a decent venue whereby teenagers will like……… we spent many afternoons discussing! Beautiful cake…thanks Lilian! I sent her photographs of Adrienne and her birthday dress cum her little necklace…if you noticed! Flowers…a beautiful rose bouquet from Eric & Jo and Edward & Jenny!


Mummy is gonna hold on to you a little longer. Don’t rush to be an adult so soon, your time shall come! Here I am finding “time” and “space” to discover the child in me while my little Adrienne ir rushing to grow up! Hold on a little dear….enjoy your youth! Hold on a little dear…..enjoy your vulnerablity! Hold on a little dear….wait for that “child” in me……


Sweet 16 amongst all the 17s and 18s. Adrienne is the youngest of the lot.. but don’t undermine her….she is BIG for that little age! We planned a simple party. “Mummy can the band not play……. not all the oldies…..Copacabana stuff………” The children had a swell time! Clean fun, dancing, chatting especially for Adrienne since today’s was her last day for her trial exams. The theme was, “Dressed to Kill”! Macho suits, princess cut dresses and plenty of stilettos…..




Thanks Ma….Thanks Mummmy… She said many times throughout the night! That means a lot to me and to any mum I guessed!

 Happy Birthday Adrienne……we love you!


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Mangosteen……Queen of the Malaysian fruits. Unsuspecting exterior. Steely and hard. Once broken into, virtous white and succulently sweet. DSC03083

Durian…..King of Malaysian fruits. Thorny exterior and defensive. Once broken inside, delectable and creamy puffs await you. DSC03051

Edward is the host tonight. The durians are very local village origin. Wild and unpredictable grade and taste. The cultivated ones are expensive and you can make a choice from a wide variety of grade and prices.


Eating durian is a “social” art. You either like this pungent fruit or you absolutely detest and should avoid it. Once cultivated, it is really yuuuuummmmmmy and fattening!

be safe

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……….. for my Adrienne to play?
“Security Fees”

or “Protection Fees”

Of late, within my living community in Sungai Long, a new business has emerged.

Security huts are erected along entrances to various sections, either with the consent or initiation of residents or rampantly without!

We were caught off-guarded and I surely treat this as a daylight robbery.

Conversations and “gossips” during my morning walks has prewarned me of such possibilities of intrusions……but only a little ruthless!

They just posted a small guardhouse at the corner of our street; sent 2 uniform guys to collect the “security fees” without any prior consultation nor consent!

Is this not called extortion….or should we politely label it as “protection fees”?

Whoever asked for it?

Please stand up and own up!


satay moments

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Are we biting more than we could chew?





biting bones

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What is happening?

You cannot believe that we met so many friends at our favourite Sunday Breakfast place this morning!

“Balakong Bak Kut Teh”…Adrienne requested for this morning’s breakfast.

Angie and her family, 5th aunty joined us as well.

Busy..busy……Edward is taking Ah Ma and I to a few lighting shops.

Decided to change those only at the living room since the whole setup is going to be simple and new.

The whole day’s program has been drawned up.

Dinner’s been planned. Kajang “satay”…..yummmmmmmy!

Tonight, Jo, Jenny and I will be going to accompany Wendy.

Her dad will be cremated tomorrow…..

Wendy….set him free……set yourself free………

temporary one

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happy birthday

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Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to Adrienne! Happy Birthday to You!


Commencement Night 2007-The Prefects Team holding the candle light to symbolise education for wisdom.

my girl

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I Am So Proud of You, Adrienne!


We have made the right choice to transfer you to Sri Cempaka.

You have made marvelous friends that will give you plenty of beautiful memories and strong companions in your later life.

Time passes by so fast and this is your final year and final semester with the school.

Academic achievements are not the only essentials for being successful in your life.

What I can see is, Cempaka has made you a very confident child….stubborness may be blamed on your dad’s genes. I respect your enthusiasm, leadership abilities.

Although, I beg to differ all the above when you back in our comfortable home…..you will always be our little Adrienne! Spoilt and complacent….


Azah and Adrienne, Silver Award Medalists for being outstanding in both academic and extra-curricular.Adrienne is also the overall best student for last year’s Form Four Commerce.


Cheers to exemplary leadership. The 2007 Prefects’ Team


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I Was Just Greedy! Was awaken by Angie’s warm forehead against my face. Look at my watch and God,,,4am! I have to attend a seminar this morning. The whole house is in a mess…..gosh what would be easiest? Got hold of a big bath towel and wet both ends. One end to bring down the temperature of her forehead and the other for her body. Made several trips to the toilet to rinse the towel before application…..temperature still high! Trooped downstairs and search for her medicine. Throughout, Angie was like a little lamb. Her temperature finally dropped to normal at about 6.00am. She was soon sound asleep and I was in a limbo. To sleep or to wake up?

let’s sleep

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5 more minutes………

Angie refuses to sleep if I do not blog!

I told her that I am tired tonight and there’s nothing to blog.

“Blog me!”

Now who is the “perasan” one here…..she knows she is the main starring in my blog and sending me little threats

Few days back, she had fever and a little cough….I tried relieving her with a little foot massage.

Now’s she addicted and resorted to “barter trade” with me!

You rub my foot and I rub yours!