last few chores

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Choosing Wines for Jimmy’s Wedding Dinner

Been quite a long day, in the sense that a lot of things were accomplished.

The flooring contractor finally came….but not enough tiles

Gotta closed both eyes now….decided to see, hear and speak no more!

A “big” meeting in the morning…..plenty of good feedback!

Bee Leng, my varsity mate helped arrange a friendly lunch. Plenty of good energy…

Rushed off to another meeting with all the “guys”. Kind of masculine most of the associations’ boards or committees. We meet monthly to discuss on issues related to SMIs…’s deviation……dragon fruits and dargon ladies!

Decided to hit home since meeting adjourned right after 5. Maybe can catch up with a couple of more chores before the weekend!

On the drive home…called Jimmy to check his heartbeat! …called Belinda to check on how she’s coping with her “packing” .(she’s moving again)

Eric, Amanda, Ee Jun, Angie and Ah Ma accompanied me to check on the red wine…..we are no experts……..

Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cabernet etc etc etc

Australian, Californian, Italian, French etc etc etc

We voted Santa Carolina, Chilean and Merlot…..drank it at my uncle’s party.

Affordable and good!

Decided to get 2 bottles of white for Josephine, her preferred choice.

i hate ah ma

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All My Life…….

When you knew you were unwanted, they actually tried to “abort” me!

When they did not send me to Nursery and what more Kindergarten!

When you are brought up among 3 brothers in a male chauvinistic family!

When all the house chores and cleaning are left to you because you are a daughter!


Until I Became A Mother Myself!

They could not want me because there wasn’t enough money and Jimmy was only 3 mths old!

They could not send me because RM 120 had to go to rental, food, debts, bus fare, medical and the list was neverending!

They could not change this because it was tradition!

Mother was tired and silent…..the cleaning did not kill me but built me!


Until I Became A Mother Myself!

I had realised that if given an opportunity to put Adrienne on my journey again……I would!

I had realised that if given the opportunity I would have given 3 brothers to Adrienne….I would!

I had realised that….”Deprivation has given me so much More!”

I fear now….”Giving too much will deprive Adrienne even More!”

payback time

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Today You Are All Mine……..

I am playing loyal subject today. Your wish is my command…….

Not really. You see, I was not able to play Mother yesterday, today becomes redemption day!

Ah Ma was bewildered! What……. all these preparation just for a 16th birthday!

Ah Ma played mother before and she was ranting away that it was a community project. Every neighbour and relative was mobilised to plan my birthday decades ago!


Here is Adrienne’s Check List:

Earmarked a silver dress from Warehouse. She will be collecting her piece from Bangsar tomorrow. CHECKED

Shoes. Have to be silver, right?Thanks Azah for coming to my rescue! We went into……you name it……finally it was still ever fashionable, affordable and local Vincci! CHECKED

Location confirmation. Aunty Belinda has recommended Casa Havana. She just celebrated her birthday there last Dec. Adrienne was beaming… and silver balloons, please! CHECKED

life’s attachments

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Ee Jun and Chelsea


Lost for words?


I am 5 this birthday. I want a keyboard as a present!


TQ! Love ya!


What about me?


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Here I Come!

Don’t you love them?

They have moved! Yes, shifted all my furnitures to their new home and yet they still wanna come home during the weekend and stayover with us………….

Edward is busy doing up his driveway. Pretty bare at the moment…

Just right!

Plenty of space for Jenny and Edward to do their hide and seek ……

Dancing around the “big” palm trees……..

Imagine there is this romantic cliche Hindi Movie soundtrack……….

Will peep later when his garden is ready!

catch me

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If You Can….

Pretty little small soul with a sweet, sweet HEART !

Catch me and I promise you a big, big HUG !


black or white

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Not that I want to be argumentative…..

People around me always expect everything to be either black or white.

Why absolutely absolute?

Why can’t there be discretion?

Why can’t it be grey?

Only absolute in life is Birth, Aging, Sickness and Death!

The other absolute is the constancy of impermanency!

My day has been a grey one…….

Made many plans and promises that I couldn’t keep because of “change”.

Adrienne and I was supposed to go Alamanda and grab tickets for the 3pm show featuring the all hot, “Menopause the Musical” …….

Something more important popped up and I had to make a choice of who to disappoint.

Tried making good by taking her, dad and Ah Ma for a cosy Japanese lunch near our house. Very affordable.

She had a feast and we decided to throw a warm family party here during Jimmy, Eric and yours truly’s birthday soon. We are all September babies…

Promised to take her grocery shopping (her favourite hobby) and probably catch Harry Potter this evening.

Alas…..I have a weak stomach and just couldn’t pretend to oblige my girl. She was a little upset but got over it when she saw me wriggling on bed.

One more day…….counting Angie’s return. My sympathetic mate!

Jenny and Edward just dropped by and filled my bucket. Tried to cheer me up…..or bribe me up!

You see….they both lobbying for me to choose their photo!

I decided to blog them both!

Enjoy reading…..


mine, mine, mine

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Everything Is MINE!!!!!!

Naughty and spoilt, I was always worried Adrienne will grow up to be difficult.

Angie’s arrival was a “testing” point.

Contrary to my assumptions, Adrienne welcomes a junior for her to be a “boss” and “elder sis”.

I am glad.

This naughty girl of mine sent me a string of sms’es to redeem because she couldn’t wake up in time to kiss me goodbye. Real hidden intentions?????

sms#1 Ma, have a safe flight.

sms#2 We have dinner on 12th with daddy ok?.

sms#3 He living at Trader’s Hotel. Daddy suggested Shangri-la. But can we go KL HIlton?

sms#4 Oh Shangri-la got lafite? Daddy like lafite meh?

sms#5 Okay remember to shop for me!

sms#6 Yeah right! friends bought a lot of nice things okay!

sms#7 Grandpa’s car got bang

sms#8 Why you use my shoes then you never tell me

sms#9 nike….

sms#10 Then the maid dunno where she put it

sms#11 Ma bring me out this weekend so i can buy pants and also my birthday dress :)

sms#12 What time you arriving home?

ting-ting man

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Forgotten Food

Life is an evolution.

From childhood to adult hood; motherhood to grandma-hood; and finally to “nobody cares a hood”

In today’s marketing term, we refer it as a product life-cycle.

Some products survive longer than a standard one and there are many that surpassed time. They become ageless and popular and one example is Coca-Cola.

There are many food that used to excite me, but they do not excite the modern urban kids any more. They have no frame of reference or any emotional attachment to them.

It is apparent that the many people that surrounded Uncle Ting Ting came from my age group. Tinkered toffees were part of our lives. Broken down into irregular bite sizes with 2 metal tools; wrapped nicely with a waxed paper. They were my biggest treats and boy….I had to save money for them!

We will slowly lick the malt on stick, sold by the Ting Ting man as well. However, I noticed that the strong toffee taste with a hint of sesame has changed to something milder. Even the malt is no longer served on a bamboo stick, it is now nicely packed into a plastic container. Ah Ma thought they were “kaya” a condiment of egg and coconut milk steamed as a spread for bread.

Remember the Ice-Ball, heavenly shaven ice moulded into a small ball and slithered with sinfully sweet palm sugar or red syrup?

Remember the beautifully paper wrapped “Marie Biscuits” that we will break into 2 and used it as a “knife” to sliver the rest?

Remember the “REAL” ice-cream “potong”?

stepping home

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Angie putting a plaster on my big toe!

Only on the wrong footing!

I am back…..but not really in action le!

Happened to kick a plastic bag containing 2 thorny durians.

Angie came to my rescue. Ain’t she cute!

She is going back for the weekend from tomorrow to her dad’s place.

I told her I will miss her and she smiled and replied,

” Joanne Mummy, I counted 3 days for your return. Now it is your turn to count for mine…..2 days only!”