autumn in Korea

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Falling Leaves

Yup, we just returned from a 7 days trip to Incheon and Seoul.

Haven’t got the time to compile my photographs and video shot yet. Will try to get them ready soon.

don’t take the backseat

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3 G     Get, Give & Grow

I learnt about the 3 G when I attended a preview of the WIM Toastmaster Club some months ago.

Get -receive knowledge and love

Give-share knowledge and love

Then you will Grow!

Why take the back seat when you have already received?

Learning is a lifelong thing. You learn everyday and anywhere. It doesn’t have to be a designated institution, neither should it be from a learned lecturer……amazing lessons are learnt and taught at the most unexpected moments!

I learnt today from two 16 year old  kids chatting at the back seatImageof my car. You see, I am also a dedicated mum who chauffers her daughter round…..hahahaha

Believe you me…they were quoting a list of brands many adults shy away from. To list a few, BMW cars, Porshe, IPod and so on so forth.

Listen my dear, every time these young kids talk, do not discount them away. They may be teaching you how to reposition your brand, a new market or new product perhaps?

blame the haze

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She has fever, stomach cramp and vomitted a couple of times…….

Poor girl.

Love that particular phonecall from her; checking my status in the afternoon when she gets up dad’s car when school is over; enquiring what time I am bound home in  the evening.

She called again this evening to update me on her health. Not too good and decided not to go pasar malam tonight.

“Mum, buy me the green tea cake please.”

Gosh, just too bad it rained.

Hopes she recovers in time for our holiday…….

my little brother

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Little No More but Alway My Little Brother

He has always been a swell guy, shy guy and quiet guy.

Remember when we were young, maybe I was 17 and he was 5, you see he is exactly a cycle younger than I. I am the tigress and he is a cub.

He was such a cutie that was just too sweet to be true. We had very limited entertainment, luxury would be an overstatement.

We had a little cassette player. It was our source of joy and fun. Mum, Leelee, Edward and I will act out and impromtu script whereby the drama would be taped. Sometimes I get to be the princess, Mum the maid and Edward the savior etc.

Years passed and we just grew out of it.

One day we accidently bumped into the player and a tape inside. We replayed, guessed what Edward secretly harboured at 5.

” Bloody mama, bloody leelee and everyone else. I have no gun, wished I had one. If I had a gun I will shoot all of YOU!”

heart & soul

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Saw this article and it hit me emotionally. A word of reminder to always express your love before it is too late. The right time is NOW, don’t wait for tomorrow.


IT was a busy morning when, at about 8.30am, an elderly gentleman walked in to have sutures removed from his thumb. He stated he was in a hurry as he had an appointment at 9.

I took his vital signs and had him take a seat, knowing it would be over an hour before someone would be able to see him. I saw him looking at his watch and decided, since I was not too busy with another patient, to evaluate his wound.

On examining his thumb, I noticed it had healed well, so I spoke to one of the doctors and got the needed supplies to remove the sutures and re-dress his wound. Then we started talking.

I asked the gentleman if he had a doctor’s appointment, as he seemed to be in a hurry. He said no, but he needed to go to the nursing home to have breakfast with his wife. I then inquired about her health. He told me that she had been there for a while and that she was a victim of Alzheimer’s disease.

As I finished dressing his wound, I asked if his wife would be worried if he were a bit late. He replied that she no longer knew who he was, that she had not recognised him for five years.

Now I was surprised, “And you still go every morning even though she doesn’t know who you are?”

He smiled as he patted my hand and said, “ She doesn’t know me, but I still know who she is.”

This story has been circulating on the internet and was sent in to The Star by Vincent.

pasar malam

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My Mate My Soul

Well, Tuesdays are very important days as far as we are concerned.

There will come a time when you look forward to the cute phone enquiry,”You gonna be home early? Are we going to Pasar Malam? Can I buy some DVD’s,please?”

Thank God it rained again this evening. It cleared the haze fairly and the night seemed clear and safe.

Not bad,we coaxed Edward my little brother to join us. My little brother is shy and anti-socialImage

We bought so much food that we can feed the whole family till DeepavaliImage

Let me do a stocktake:-

  • Soya Bean Drink
  • Cendol
  • Bubble Tea, yam flavoured
  • Fried Carrot Cake
  • Deep Fried Carrot Cake (right, this is in big pieces while the other one is with raddish, sprouts and egg)
  • Steam Dumpling
  • Taro Balls
  • Tapioca Cake
  • Kueh Talam
  • Walnut Bread
  • Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Green Tea Cake

Truth is we are struggling to finish the food now. Blessed are us the ones with food, wonder how many people out there probably have to go to sleep without a decent meal this week.

Gonna make sure, we leave some for the maid. She is going to fast from tomorrow morning.

Savour more food before I surrender to guilt and gluttenImage


hazy & lazy

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Makes me Lazy…..

Thank God. It rained this afternoon. It probably showered half the dirt off the grey sky.

Managed to catched a glimpse of the KLCC Twin Tower on my way home, meaning visibility and the air should be better tomorrow.Image

Ate dinner alone. Missing my mate already!

Love My Life

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My BSE Card

Datin Azrene Abdullah, Chairman of PRIDE sharing a light moment with Dato Tan Kim Hor, Honourable Group Chairman of Wawasan TKH, and Dato Tan Boon Pun, Director of XIXILI INTIMA Sdn Bhd at the launching of our breast cancer awareness campaign.

PRIDE or Pink Ribbon Deeds Foundation was founded by the late Datin Seri Endon, the late wife of our Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi.

Our XIXILI Love My Life campaign came into the picture right after her demise. Her death due to breast cancer serves as a constant reminder to our organisation to fear it, understand it and fight it.

And the only fight with cancer is early detection!

Until there is a drug to prevent or cure cancer, man and woman must make health screening a priority.

I was amazed when talking to 3 dynamic ladies from NCSM(National Cancer Society of Malaysia). Adeline spoke about living after cancer. Their advise? Do your BSE! Cancer can be cured if detected at the early stages of 1 and 2. Many survived through the 3rd stage!

Do your BSE today!

just happy & enjoying

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Don’t Procrastinate

Time and again this message keeps reeling on my head!

Do this, do that…….now! Now!

There are things that you do not need to rush, you won;t die not going for a Dharma Talk, you won;t die if the closet is gonna be messy for another day, you won’t die if your mate keeps reminding you. “Mummy, when can I have my braces ?”

I know I won’t die with all these delays…..but I know that I can always find time to deal with all the above later.Image

I did not wait when it comes to my BSE. Ever since the day we decided to launched “Love My Life”, I believe that the power to live healthy is within myself. I have never been used to a dedicated BSE regime.

Today, I am proud that I have done all the 10 months of BSE so far! Guess if we make it a habit, this regime can save my life and all the pain and sufferings of everyone close to me can be avoided or reduced.

I have done my BSE this morning, have you?

Pink Ribbon Month

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It’s October,

Well, I care to remind every lady out there to start learning how to do a BSE (Breast Self Examination), if you haven’t even heard about it.

1 in 19 Malaysian women gets cancer in their lifetime!

Do not be a statistic. Cancer can be combat, Fight cancer through knowledge and make  BSE a habitual act.

Early detection saves lives and breasts.

More than 50% of the ladies that I have surveyed so far, do not have a dedicated BSE regime. They know it is important but  maybe not as important as their manicure, yoga, work etc.

Stop everything!

Love Your Lives!

Do your BSE today!